About Us

There are dozens of reasons in rainy, dank days to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and the beloved series with wool socks on your cold feet. But there is no reason not to enjoy clear rain drops falling on the hot sand or to go on an adventure in the nature on beautiful rainy autumn day, too. We believe that there are no unsuitable weather conditions to enjoy city streets or country nature – it is just false choices and their consequences. Rain was, is and will be an integral part of our daily lives, and we do not have to obey, we just have to adapt and admit that rain is essence and joy of the life. It is our belief and brand RAIN:IS manifesto.

When we created the RAIN:IS we thought of brave, stereotypes breaking person, who appreciates rain as one of nature wonders - the life bearing strength and rainbow joy carrier.

Rain can be so various. It can be simple, grey, present, regular, gentle, colourful, artistic, cheerful, happy, playful, beautiful, tasty, scary, plain, adventurous ... We will dedicate graphics and products of RAIN:IS collections to every characteristics of the rain.